Sprouts are very good for health. Protein, fibre, calcium and vitamins are found in high amounts in these. After eating this, the stomach remains full for a long time and does not feel hungry, so it is often advised to eat sprouts on an empty stomach in a weight loss diet. Sprouts are good for managing cholesterol levels, reducing weight and good for hair. Due to the properties present in sprouts, which it is beneficial to eat; they are also difficult to digest. Many people may have gas and bloating problems by eating sprouts.

Sprouts are undoubtedly a superfood, but some things should also be kept in mind while eating it, otherwise, it can cause harm. What to do if you get a gas problem by eating sprouts? Ayurvedic doctor NitikaKohli has shared information about what things should be kept in mind to get complete nutrition from sprouts through her Instagram account.

  • After eating sprouts, it takes time for our body to break them, so it becomes difficult to digest them many times.

According to Ayurveda, sprouts are 'gurus'. In Ayurveda, those foods which are heavy means those which are difficult to digest are considered gurus. Also, it is considered farewell, it has heating properties

  • If you have problems related to gas or feel bloated many times after eating, then you should not consume sprouts daily. Apart from this, people who have any problem related to their skin, they should also not eat daily sprouts.

  • It is believed that grains can be more beneficial if eaten after 2-3 days of sprouting. But actually, it should be eaten the next day after sprouting.
  • If sometimes you are having a gas problem even after eating sprouts, then you can eat them after boiling them.
  • Eating sprouts after cooking is also beneficial. All the nutrition present in it reaches the body well.
  • Boiled sprouts are easier to digest than raw sprouts.
  • If you do not have stomach pain, acidity or bloating due to sprouts, then of course you can eat it raw.

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