Those who are fond of adventure, if they want to visit the caves in the green mountains, camp, trekking, then they should turn to North India for roaming. Learn why Northeast India is a great place to visit.

Mishmi Heels, Arunachal Pradesh: If you want to explore both nature and adventure on the trip, then you should visit Mishmi Heels Arunachal Pradesh. This place with wildlife is a paradise for nature lovers.

View of caves, Meghalaya: Meghalaya surrounded by clouds is no less than a heaven on earth. There are many caves in the mountains covered with a sheet of clouds and it is a great adventure to see them. (Photo: Insta/@explore.northeastindia)

MT Saramati, Nagaland: There are many trekking tracks in North India and MT Saramati is one of them. Saramati is a high mountain in Nagaland, which is different and fun to climb. Trekking enthusiasts can go here.