Have you ever felt scared? Or you have often been afraid. It is said to fear that is the result of hormones, if there is a living person, then at some point, he must have faced some of the other fear. Generally, you must have heard that some people say that they are afraid of water, dogs, spiders, mirrors from heights, or talking on the phone. Researchers say that when we do not find something according to our ability, then we feel fear. Here we will mention some special phobias, which you must have faced at one time or another.

If you are afraid of the dark or have a habit of sleeping with the lights on at night, then understand that you are a victim of nyctophobia. Usually, the effect of nyctophobia is visible in children.

Are you afraid of sleep, well what kind of question is that? But there are some people who are afraid of sleeping. Those facing this type of trouble think that sleeping can be extremely bad. Because of this they avoid sleeping and because of that, they stay awake.

telephone phobia
Now if you tell someone that he is afraid to talk on the phone, then the answer will be that why do you talk like crazy. But people who are victims of telephone phobia are afraid of talking on the phone. Such people want to have a relationship with each other through chat or email.

Why should anyone be afraid of birds? What's the point of being afraid of birds? Some people love dogs and cats very much. But they are afraid of flying birds.

This type of fear occurs in women, they are afraid of pregnancy and giving birth to a child. Generally, most people take it lightly. But it affects the health of both mother and child.

Most people are afraid of spiders. The special thing is that their number is more in America. Experts say that only 20 out of 40,000 species are poisonous which can harm humans.

This is also a strange fear, you would say. But there are some people who are afraid of the mirror. Such people do not want to see their own faces in the mirror. Especially this problem occurs to those people who consider themselves fat or unattractive and because of this they go into depression.

Fear of snakes is also important, the researchers say, an essential fear instilled in humans by nature in order to survive. About one-third of the world's population is afraid of snakes.