A special feature is being brought for users on Google's instant messaging app Google Chat. Through this special feature, the user will be given the facility to create his profile, which the profile will be found in the visibility option.

If you use Google's instant messaging app, then this news has brought new information for you. Google has added a new update to its instant messaging app. According to a report in IANS, users can now create their profiles on Google's instant messaging app.

The screenshot of the new profile page has been shared through a Reddit user. However, this new profile page was discovered by another user, Mishaal Rahman.

Users will be able to create their profile like this

To create your profile in Google's instant messaging app, you have to go to the Settings menu of the application. Here user can create a profile on the Searching for profile option. Users can share their name, photo, and email id information to create their profile.

Let me tell you, at present, this page is not working on Google's messaging app. However, as soon as the page becomes functional, users can create their profiles on it.

Will also manage visibility on the user profile

With this feature, users will also be able to manage their visibility accordingly. Options like Public, Contacts and Only You will be available for viewing on the user's profile.

On the Public option, even unknown people will be able to see the user's profile, while on the Contacts option, it will not be able to be seen by unknown people. Only the user's contacts will be able to see the user's profile. Similarly, on the option of Only You, the user can keep his profile private. Let us tell you, work is currently underway on Google's special update. Soon this feature will be rolled out.