Benefits of Mixing Jaggery In Tea: There would hardly be any corner in the whole of India where tea lovers would not be found. This water foot is the most consumed beverage in the country. Many people cannot imagine the moment of leisure from waking up in the morning to evening without tea, but this hobby can harm you because the sugar present in tea increases the risk of obesity and diabetes, so is there any solution So that the sweetness of tea remains intact and there is no harm to health.

Add jaggery instead of sugar in tea
According to Dr Ayushi Yadav, a famous dietician working at GIMS Hospital in Greater Noida, if you are not able to give up the hobby of tea, then changes must be brought in the way of making it. Instead of sugar, you can choose a healthy option to mix in it, which is jaggery. By doing this your body will get some surprising benefits.

Benefits of consuming jaggery
1. Increasing weight will be less
We all are aware of the fact that adding sugar to tea and drinking it increases weight and belly fat. If you add jaggery to tea instead of sugar, then its calories will be less, which will eventually prove to help reduce weight.

2. Digestion will remain healthy
Mixing jaggery in tea improves digestion, due to which no stomach problems come to the fore. The vitamins and minerals present in jaggery provide health benefits in every way.

3. There will be no anaemia
Many people start getting anaemia with ageing, this condition is called anaemia, the person suffering from this also has problems doing normal work, in such a situation, if he drinks jaggery tea, then the iron present in it Will remove the lack of blood in the body.