Tattoo Side Effects: To look stylish and cool, most people get tattoos done on different parts of their bodies. Many people are so fond of getting tattoos done that they do not consider it necessary to pay attention to the side effects associated with it. Whereas before getting it done, you must consider many things, like- which part it would be right to get tattooed in so that there is no harm to the body.

According to the report of The Sun, there are many side effects of tattooing, which most people do not know about. The person who gets tattooed may have to face many physical problems ranging from infection to allergy, which can become a bigger danger in the future.

It comes as Wales is set to become the first country in the UK to introduce mandatory licensing for tattoo artists, body piercers and cosmetic clinics. The purpose of these strict rules is to reduce the possibility of infection by creating a public register of license holders. Under the new plans, around 3500 tattoo artists will need to obtain licences.

Do not make tattoos on these parts of the body
Everyone should avoid getting tattooed on certain parts of the body. Because due to this many types of dangers can arise. People should avoid getting tattoos done on their genitals and inner lips, as these places take a long time to heal. Apart from this, you should also avoid getting tattoos done on the palms and soles of the feet. Some people also get tattoos done on the tongue and gums, which also take a long time to heal and can also cause many problems.

When does trouble arise?
1. Overlapping
Overlapping on the same tattoo can prove fatal, so always avoid getting it done.

2. Use of defective equipment
If the tattoo is being made using bad equipment, then it can prove to be harmful to you. That's why before getting a tattoo, go to the salon and check the online feedback.

3. Fear of infection
The biggest fear after tattooing is an infection, which can reach an increasingly dangerous level. If there is redness, pain or pus coming out around your tattoo, then immediately you should go to the doctor, as these can be symptoms of infection.