Swastik Sign: Swastik sign is a special sign which is made before starting any auspicious work. This sign is considered to be auspicious. Without this, the worship does not start. In Hindu religious scriptures, the symbol of Swastik is considered the seat of Lord Vishnu and the form of Mother Lakshmi. Let us know, why the swastika symbol is considered extremely auspicious.

Importance of Satvik
The swastika symbol is considered very important in Sanatan Dharma. The symbol of Swastik attracts Mars from all four directions. The symbol of Swastik has been considered an indicator of good luck. By making the swastika symbol with sandalwood, kumkum, or vermilion, planetary defects are removed. Along with this, the sum of money and profit is formed. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi is pleased by making a swastika symbol in the house. The Swastik symbol is made before any big ritual or Havan. This sign is not only a symbol of auspiciousness, but by making it, positive energy is transmitted in the house. According to beliefs, by making a swastika symbol on the main door of the house, happiness, and prosperity remain in the life of the person and the family. Not only this, all auspicious works are proved by the swastika symbol.

Keep these things in mind while making
The lines and angles of the swastika should be perfect. Do not create and use inverted Swastik even by mistake. If you have made the swastika upside down and are using it, then surely it may have to face serious consequences. That's why keep in mind that the symbol of Swastik is made perfectly, only then it is beneficial to use it.

How to be virtuous
The red and yellow colored swastika is considered best. If you want to wear Swastik around your neck, then it is very auspicious to wear it. Especially in student life, if a swastika is worn around the neck, then its concentration remains at the time of studies. So if you want to wear a swastika around your neck, you can wear a gold or silver swastika.

Do these remedies for Vastu defect
If you are facing the problem of Vastu defects, then for this you should make a red colored swastika on the main door of the house. Vastu defect is removed by applying a red colored swastika. Swastik should be made in front of you in the vehicle. This reduces the chances of accidents.
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