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Mint is such a plant that is full of freshness. Consumption of this leaf in summer fills energy in the whole body. It is also very effective according to Ayurveda. Generally, people use the leaves of Padan by making chutney, making raita, and use it in vegetables. Here we are telling its skincare benefits-

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How to make a peppermint face mask

With the help of mint, you can prepare a face mask. Which can be taken cooling benefit by applying on your face in summer. For this, first of all, you

will need two tablespoons of curd and 10-12 crushed mint leaves. First of all, clean the mint leaves thoroughly with water.

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After this wash and grind and make a paste by grinding. After this, mix two spoons of curd in it. Your paste is ready. Cleanse the face for use. After this, apply the prepared paste, and keep it like this for about 20 minutes. Do use this recipe thrice a week.