Prostate Cancer: Due to lifestyle changes and increasing obesity in India, the risk of cancer is increasing. Prostate cancer is one of major cancer in India. It is believed that every year many people fall prey to it. Now the question is what is this prostate cancer and what causes it? Along with this, it is also important to know whenever this cancer starts, what kind of changes take place in the body and from which problems it can be predicted, so that timely treatment can be done.

What is prostate cancer?
The prostate is a male reproductive organ. It is found near the urinary bladder which secretes the fluid responsible for the nutrition and protection of the sperm and due to uncontrolled growth of cells in the prostate gland, prostate cancer occurs. This cancer is common in elderly men, in which 1 out of 8 men are at risk of death and the risk increases with increasing age. The average age for getting prostate cancer is 69-70 years. It is different from other cancers. Prostate cancer is said to be very indolent.

According to a Hindustan Times report, prostate cancer can be detected through regular screening. Common symptoms of prostate cancer include difficulty in urination and back pain. It has also been told in this report that there are no special lifestyle reasons for prostate cancer. However, an increase in calcium and dairy products may increase the risk. It has nothing to do with smoking.

How is prostate cancer treated?
One, it can be treated through surgery, in which the prostate and surrounding lymph nodes are removed. Radiation therapy is also a treatment for prostate cancer. High energy X-rays are used to kill target cancer cells, which include EBRT and brachytherapy. Along with this, cancer cells are collected and killed to cure certain cases of the disease. Apart from this, cancer cells are treated by making them targets.