What's the point if you get deep sleep at night after being tired all day? But people believe that morning sleep is the best. People will be well aware of the habit of falling asleep again after waking up early in the morning. It may have happened to you too that after sleeping once in the night, you wake up early in the morning and then you fall asleep. Then when you wake up, your mood is bad and you feel tired.

This is called sleep inertia. It is a medical condition and it happens to many people. Let me first tell you that we are not talking about that sweet sleep when you wake up before the alarm goes off and you know that there is still more than 1 hour to wake up. Here we are talking about the function of the body when getting out of bed in the morning can be the most difficult task for you.

What is sleep inertia?

Looking at its medical definition, it is a transition state where we wake up, but our brain is not able to make the transition between sleep and wakefulness properly. In Hindi, this would be called inertia of sleep. During sleep inertia, you may have a bad mood, your productivity may be low, you may have a severe headache, you may feel tired, and you may also feel heaviness in the eyes. Medical science cannot explain how many hours its effect lasts. It can be over in a few minutes and can last for several hours.

At such times you get up but then feel like sleeping. Leaving the bed was not easy.

Research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) says that it can also be called sleep drunkenness. This can be serious in some cases. For example, people in professions like health care workers, policemen, soldiers etc. have to get up and take difficult decisions immediately. In such professions, a call can come at any time at night. Sleep inertia can be quite dangerous in such cases.

How can get rid of it?

If sleep inertia is bothering you too much, you must consult a doctor first. Yes, if it is only a little, then you can adopt some tips like...

Get used to naps. A 2017 study says that sleeping for 10-20 minutes can prove to be much better. Lack of sleep can also be overcome by this.

Sun exposure after waking up is a great way to break sleep inertia. A 2016 study has also confirmed this.

Your body's circadian rhythm needs to be fixed.

If you have to make very difficult decisions after getting up, then caffeine can be a better option.

A fixed bedtime routine can save you from the problem of sleep inertia. To reduce this, always turn off your gadgets and follow a fixed sleep schedule.

While everyone experiences some sleep inertia, too much of it is not good for your mental and physical health. If you are having any doubts, then first contact the doctor.


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