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We all know very well that along with our health, the effect of age is also visible on our skin. After a certain age, the problem of fine lines and wrinkles starts on the face. It is said by skin experts that it is natural to see wrinkles on the face after the age of 30, but it is not normal to have wrinkles and wrinkles on the face at an early age. It is said that as age increases, the elastic protein and collagen in the skin start decreasing, due to which our face starts getting dry, and because of this, the problem of wrinkles starts on the face. Let us go through this article. Let us tell you what could be the reasons for wrinkles on the face at an early age. Let's know in detail -

* Smoking and alcohol :

We all know that smoking and alcohol consumption are fatal to health, but it is also very harmful to your skin. Let us tell you that due to the decrease in the blood flow of the skin due to smoking excessive amounts of alcohol The aging process slows down and wrinkles appear on the face.

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* The collagen of the skin starts breaking down due to sunlight:

Skin experts tell that colleges play an important role in keeping our skin young. But due to the effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the collagen in our skin starts breaking down. Due to this, the flexibility of the skin starts decreasing and due to dryness, wrinkles may appear before age. That is why it is advised by skin experts to use good quality sunscreen for half an hour before stepping out in the sun.

* Stress has bad effects:

Skin experts tell that this dress has a very bad effect on the health of the skin. Be it personal life or professional, if you take more stress, it is not only harmful to your mental health and physical health, but it is also very harmful to your skin. The process starts slowing down. Because of this, the problem of swelling and wrinkles starts appearing on your skin.

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* Lack of water in the body:

If you also have a habit of drinking less water, then its effect starts appearing on your skin. Due to the lack of water in the body, your skin starts to look dry. If you want your skin to be healthy and young for a long time. For this, along with using a good moisturizer, you should drink plenty of water.