Silk cloth is always in trend. On the other hand, talking about the silky saree, their fashion always remains. But silk sarees have to be taken care of a lot. While washing silk sarees, some things must always be kept in mind, otherwise, your saree can be completely spoiled. Now you do not have to worry because here we will tell you how to wash a silk saree. What are the things to be kept in mind while washing the saree at home?

Keep these things in mind while washing silk saree-
First, do this work

Frequent washing with common detergent will damage the saree quickly. That's why a silk saree should not be washed after wearing it once. Rather, wash only after wearing two to 4-5 times. Make sure to read the label on the saree.

Step 1-
If you are cleaning the silk saree by hand, always use cold water. Before washing it, fill a bucket with water and leave the silk saree to soak in it. Now wash the saree after 2 hours.

Now mix two spoons of vinegar in another bucket full of water. Mix it well in water and then leave the saree to soak for 15 minutes.

Now after taking out the silk saree from the bucket, use a mild detergent to wash the saree. If you want, you can also use no bleach and anti-color fading. With this, the color of the saree will also remain intact.

Now take out the silk saree from the detergent water and rinse it thoroughly. For this, it would be better that you rinse only after filling the bucket with water.

Things to keep in mind
Never dry the silk saree in strong sunlight. Always dry the silk saree in the shade.