Shravan Maas 2023: Although every month is a holy month, Lord Shiva is specially worshiped in the month of Shravan. It is said in our Puranas that "Alankaram Vishnu: Priya:. Jaladhara Shivam Priya:" That is, there is pleasure in decorating Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu is always decorated, but Shankar ji is pleased with Abhishek. And where is Shankar ji? They are not just sitting in the temple! The body pervading the universe, He is in the whole world, in the whole of nature! When his body is in this whole universe, then how will water rain on him? The universe will do it, they themselves will be able to do it. Clouds rain in the month of Shravan and this whole earth is anointed. Everything washes away and this earth blossoms.

Meaning of Shravan month
Shravan means listening, in the month when we sit and listen to stories, and praises of God, we feel satisfied. Earlier people did not go out during the rainy season. It was the same for the sannyasins. Earlier sadhus, sannyasis, and mahatmas used to stay in some village or city for four months (in Chaturmas). When he lived for four months, all the devotees used to come there and listen to his words. When it rains, nature takes care of everything. So in the month of Shravan, you should sit and listen to stories, sing songs, and be happy, earlier people used to do this.

Who is Shiva?
There is special importance in worshiping Shiva in the month of Shravan. There is a very beautiful story about Shiva. Once Brahma, the creator of the universe, and Vishnu, the maintainer of the world, were looking for the answer to the question 'Who is Shiva?' He wanted to know Shiva completely. So Brahma said to Vishnu- "I find his head, you find his feet. For thousands of years, Lord Vishnu reached deep down in search of Shiva's feet and Brahma reached very high in search of Shiva's head. But they both failed. Here it means that Shiva has no beginning and no end. Finally, they both met in the middle and came to the conclusion that they could not find Shiva. From here the Shivling came into existence.

What is Shivling?
Shivling is the symbolic expression of infinite Shiva. Linga means identity; A symbol through which you can know what is truth – what is reality? That which is not visible can be identified by a symbol, that is the linga. When a child is born, we can find out whether it is male or female by gender. This is the reason why the genitals are also called linga.
Just like that how will you identify the creator of the universe? Just like how you identify a man or a woman. To identify God, by making a symbol of him and combining it - that is Shivling. Shivling is the most ancient symbol of Lord Shiva. Where you move from the incorporeal to the corporeal.

What is Rudrapuja?
This world is a game of energy – positive and negative. Shiva kills. Rudra Puja is the easiest way to destroy whatever negative energy is inside and around us in the form of disease, depression, and sadness. Worshiping Rudra increases peace, joy, prosperity, and positive energy. The whole world is the form of God and it is raining in the month of Shravan. Nature is anointing this earth, offering water. We also follow this, in Shravan, we also pour some water on the Shivling and believe that we belong to God.

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