Every new month brings new changes. At the beginning of the month, various undertakings ranging from government institutions make many changes in their rules. These changes have a direct impact on the people living in the country. The month of September is going to start from tomorrow. In such a situation, the month of September is also bringing with it many new changes. You need to be aware of these changes because these changes will directly impact your life. The rules related to gas cylinder prices, employees' salaries, and credit cards are going to change from tomorrow i.e. from 1st September. As a common citizen, it is important for you to be aware of these rules being changed. In this episode, let us know about them in detail -

There will be an increase in the salary of employees
There is going to be an increase in the take-home salary of the employees from 1st September. Its benefit will be available to those employees who have been given accommodation by the employer and deduction is made from their salary.

Credit Card
The rules related to Axis Bank's Magnes Credit Card are going to change from September 1. Under the changed rules, Axis Bank Magnes Credit Card holders will get fewer reward points than before.

At the same time, the benefit of a special discount will not be available on some transactions. Apart from this, customers will also have to pay annual fees from 1st date.

LPG and CNG prices
At the beginning of every month, oil companies revise the prices of gas cylinders, CNG, and PNG. In such a situation, it is being estimated that there may be a reduction in the prices of CNG and PNG from September 1.

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