Reliance Health Infinity Policy: Insurance company Reliance Health Insurance has launched a new health policy. This health insurance provides coverage of Rs 5 crore to the policyholder. In one of its statements, the company said that this is the first premium health insurance of its kind. It has been named Reliance Health Infinity Policy. The new health insurance offers a lot of benefits to the policyholder.

With this policy, treatment will be arranged around the world
In Reliance Health Infinity policy of Rs 5 crore, the insured has been given cover for treatment across the world. In this, the policyholder will get unlimited restoration features like Maternity Cover, OPD Cover, and Air Ambulance. Along with this, the policyholder will also get the benefit of 15 essential add-on benefits.

Discount in premium based on credit score and BMI
The new insurance policy also rewards the customers for being financially and physically fit. Apart from this, it gives the benefit of a discount in premium to the policyholder in both the condition of better credit score and body mass index ie BMI ie being healthy. The company claims that this is the first policy in India to come with a premium discount on this basis.

Regarding its new health policy, Rakesh Jain, Chief Executive Officer, of Reliance General Insurance, said that today a basic health insurance policy is not enough to ensure the protection one needs. Those who are risk-averse and aware of the ever-increasing medical expenses and availability of modern treatments would like to opt for a policy that provides them with world-class benefits along with unlimited protection coverage. Provide all protections like high amount insurance coverage, medical equipment cover, global treatment with unlimited restoration features to the policyholder.

What is the 'more' benefit option in the new health policy?
The insurance company has said in a statement that the 'More' (More) benefit option of Reliance Health Infinity policy will enable the policyholder to meet health insurance needs without any compromise and hassle. More benefit options of the policy include MoreGlobal, MoreCover and MoreTime.