Small fights keep happening in every relationship, but if these fights start increasing then it becomes important to know the reason for them. As we all know the foundation of any relationship is based on trust. If the trust breaks, then the relationship may even break.

Especially if we talk about couples, then every couple takes many steps to strengthen their relationship, but many times, their relationship comes in danger due to their small mistake, even without wanting it. It has been seen many times that the sourness in the relationship always comes because of the third person. In such a situation, you need to keep some things in mind.

Often when we tell the secrets of our relationship to a third person, the third person doesn't need to be your well-wisher. Due to this, it is said that never tell some things about your relationship to anyone else.

About family disputes
If you have had a fight with your partner or you do not get along with your partner, then do not tell this to any third person. This is a matter of your family, which only you and your partner can solve.

About your financial condition
If your financial condition is a little bad, then keep this matter between you and your partner. If you tell this to someone else, then your partner may feel bad about it.

About your partner's shortcomings
If there is any shortcoming in your partner, then remove it by talking to your partner only. Never tell any third person about this because only you or your partner can remove the shortcoming. The third person can make fun of him just by listening to you.

Your partner's secrets
Do not tell your partner's secrets to your friends also. Some things should remain between you and your partner only, so especially keep in mind that never tell your partner's secrets to anyone.

About your quality time
Never tell any third person about your and your partner's quality time. Many times it happens that you share your things with someone, but the third person can make fun of your feelings.

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