Relationship Tips: When people get into a relationship, they find everything in their relationship very sweet. Along with adopting the likes and dislikes of the partner, people try to make the relationship better and stronger. However, sometimes they do not know whether their relationship is in the right direction. Without knowing whether everything is going well in the relationship or not, slowly things start deteriorating and the relationship starts deteriorating. When the dispute between the couple starts increasing or they start feeling boredom in the relationship, then it is known that the love between them has started decreasing. They also come to know about the bonding between the couple when there is a problem. In such a situation, every couple should know whether everything is right in their relationship or not, there are some ways to find out how strong the relationship is. You can know from some signs how strong and happy your relationship is.

To respect
One of the ways to identify a good relationship is the behavior of the partner towards you. Ask yourself, do you respect each other in a relationship? Do you understand each other's words? If your answer is yes then the relationship is very strong and happy. But if the answer is no, then you need to do a lot of work to strengthen your relationship. By not respecting each other, the foundation of the relationship starts to weaken.

For the strength of any relationship, there must be trust between them. Check how much you both trust each other. There is no doubt or misunderstanding of any kind between you. The relationship becomes happy if you trust each other.

To cooperate
It is also important to be with each other in a relationship. See how much your partner supports you. It is not that he will hold you responsible in front of others for any mistake. If your partner supports you on every occasion and you do the same, then understand that love and strength are intact in the relationship.

How far you can stay away from your partner and for how long, this thing also tells the depth of the relationship. If you are unable to stay away from your partner for more than a week and miss them a lot, the same happens with your partner, then understand that there is a lot of love between you two. However, if you do not feel much emptiness while being away from your partner, then the strength in your relationship is less.