During the Corona period, the central government had announced giving free ration to the people, which has now been continued till December 2023. At present, a large number of people are taking advantage of this scheme by joining it. A ration is given according to each person in the family and you get it from the government ration shop. But in the midst of all this, even the fraudsters are not leaving any chance to cheat people and for this, they are now cheating people in the name of free ration. In such a situation, you need to take special care of some things. Otherwise, you can also become a victim of fraud. So let's know what are these things. You can learn about this in the next slides...

Keep these things in mind:-
Number 1

We all know that the list of ration cards is updated from time to time. In such a situation, many new names are added, and many names are also cut off. Fraudsters take advantage of this thing and call people saying that their name has been struck off from their family member's ration card. In such a situation, follow the things mentioned by us to connect it. By doing this they cheat people.

Number 2
If you ever get such a message, in which it is said that the government is sending money to your account instead of ration. So click on the link given in the message, then never do this because at present no such scheme of the government is going on. These are fake messages that can cheat you.

Number 3
Nowadays, fraudsters are also making calls to cheat people, in which they are trying to cheat people by making excuses like KYC for free ration. If you get any such calls, never answer them.

Number 4
If you have ever come across such a link, in which you are being lured to give even more free ration, then never click on such link. This is because these are fake links. The amount of ration you are getting at the government shop, you will get that much. By clicking on these links, the ratio will not increase, but yes, you can lose your hard-earned money.

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