The festival of Raksha Bandhan is considered to be the most sacred and auspicious festival of brother and sister.

On this day sister ties rakhi to brother and brother gives gift to sister and promises to protect her. This year Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated for two days.

This is because the full moon date is on 30th August but due to the shadow of Bhadra, Rakhi can be tied on both 30th and 31st August.

It is believed that from tying the rakhi to taking it off, there are some Vastu rules which must be taken care of otherwise it will have a bad effect.

Let us know from JyotishacharyaRadhakant Vats what should be done with Rakhi after Raksha Bandhan is over and what mistakes should be avoided.

  • If you also throw away Rakhi after the festival, then avoid doing so. Doing this has a bad effect on the brother-sister relationship.
  • Rakhi is a thread of protection tied by a sister, by which the brother is protected in every situation. In such a situation, even after the festival is over, it should be kept carefully.
  • While taking off the rakhi, keep in mind that it should not break. Tie the whole rakhi in a red cloth and keep it in a place where things related to brothers and sisters are kept.
  • Then on the next Rakshabandhan, flow the rakhi in running water and after wearing the new rakhi, keep it in a cloth. This strengthens the brother-sister relationship.
  • If the rakhi is broken or broken, do not keep it in the house but offer it under a tree or in water. Also, keep a coin along with the rakhi.

  • It is believed that keeping a broken rakhi with a coin under a tree or pouring it in water does not take away the blessings of the house and the love in the relationship.

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