The increasing presence of women in startup investing in India has led to significant business and economic growth in the country. Indian women are leading the startup investing game today. The CEO and co-founder of Bengaluru and US-based open source engine Hasura is a woman. Hasura is at the forefront of transforming app development in India. The name of its co-founder is Rajoshi Ghosh.

Rajoshi Ghosh's startup
Rajoshi Ghosh founded Hasura in the year 2017. Rajoshi Ghosh has empowered the developing sector by revolutionizing the technology industry. Under Ghosh's leadership, Hasura has emerged as a leader in the technology sector, attracting global recognition and partnership opportunities. Ghosh's passion for technology and commitment to developer empowerment gave the company a suitable platform for building modern applications.

Studied at Singapore University
Rajoshi Ghosh had increased the market cap of the company to around Rs 8 thousand crore in 2023 amid the troubles of the Corona period. Ghosh turned the startup into a unicorn through his hard work. Rajoshi Ghosh is 36 years old and is the third highest-earning woman. Rajoshi studied at the National University of Singapore and attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Ignite Global Innovation Program.

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