When it comes to home decor, we all pay attention to the smallest of details. We decorate everything from the bedroom to the living room, but if there are stairs in the house, then you should pay equal attention to their beauty. For example, it might be a good idea to put a painting on the side wall of the stairs. There is no doubt that paintings can be used to decorate the side walls of the stairs. But this does not mean that you should place any painting there.

If you choose the right painting for the stairs, it adds to the beauty of the house as well as the positivity of that area. So, today in this article, Vastu ShastriDrAnand Bhardwaj is telling you what kind of painting you should use on the side wall on the stairs-

Use pictures of natural scenery

Paintings or pictures of natural scenes on the side wall of the stairs are considered very good. It cheers up your mind and communicates enthusiasm in the mind.

If the stairs are built in the south-west

If the stairs of your house are built in the southwest direction, then you can put beautiful paintings of high-rise buildings there.

Paint flowers

Many types of paintings can be installed on the stairs, but it is considered best to put flower paintings or posters there. You can put many types of beautiful flower paintings or herbs paintings there. Such paintings give you positivity and the person using these stairs does not feel tired. According to Vastu keep these things in the north direction

Avoid family photos

Often people put family photos, couple photos or children's photos to decorate the side wall of the stairs. While according to Vastu, it is not considered good to put such pictures on the wall along the stairs. Avoid putting such pictures on the stairs. Apart from this, anything showing the time like the calendar etc. should also be avoided here.

Avoid posting wild animals or violent images

You should never put pictures of violent wild animals on the stairs. Apart from this, you should also avoid posting pictures of any kind of violent activity or fighting etc. If such pictures are put up in the house, then a strange fear prevails in the person's mind. In this situation, people usually feel negativity in their minds while using the stairs.

Don't put pictures of dead people

Many times people put pictures of their loved ones on the side wall of the stairs. But the pictures of dead people should not be posted here even by mistake. By posting such pictures, you feel Pitra Dosh. Because of this all your work starts getting spoiled while being made.

So now you also keep these rules of Vastu in mind while painting on the side wall of the stairs.

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