People adopt different methods to stay healthy. At the same time, to stay fit and healthy, they also resort to Pranayama. This is breathing yoga. Which is also considered very effective. Yes, with the help of Pranayama, you can easily avoid many diseases. But you can get all the benefits of Pranayama when you do it properly. Yes, many people do some small mistakes during Pranayama, due to which your health gets harmed instead of benefited. In such a situation, we will tell here what things you should keep in mind while doing Pranayama.

Do not commit these mistakes even by mistake while doing Pranayama-
Mistake of opening eyes

Some people repeatedly open their eyes in between while doing Pranayama. But you should not do this. This is because opening your eyes breaks your focus. Because of this the sequence of pranayama also breaks. Therefore, while doing pranayama, do not open your eyes again and again.

Mistake of changing the rugs frequently
Many times people change repeatedly in between while doing Pranayama, but doing so is also wrong. By doing this, your attention gets distracted and you do not get the full benefit of Pranayama.

Mistake of not paying attention to the breath
When you do pranayama, then in every asana, along with your posture, the focus is also on the breath. But some people just practice Pranayama but do not pay attention to their breath. Because of this, you do not get the benefit of Pranayama.

Mistake of teeth grinding
When you are practicing Pranayama, you should keep in mind that you should not mix your teeth. By doing this, you do not get the full benefit of Pranayama.

Pranayam in haste
Some people do Pranayam in haste due to lack of time, it is wrong to do so because by doing this you do not get the benefit of Pranayam.