If you look, you will find that many types of beneficial and welfare schemes are being run by the government for the poor section of the country. While on the one hand some goods are provided through these schemes, on the other hand, there is a provision to provide financial benefits in many schemes. For example, under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, farmers are given an installment of Rs 2,000 every four months, that is, they get a total benefit of Rs 6,000 in a year. At the same time, this time the 16th installment is to be released, but for this, it is necessary that first there is a work which the farmers should complete. Otherwise, their installment may get stuck. So let us know what this work is. You can know about this in the next slides...

This is that work
The work that is being talked about here is e-KYC. Under the rules, every farmer associated with PM Kisan Yojana must get this work done. If a farmer does not get e-KYC done, his installment may get stuck. Therefore, get this work done immediately.

You can get e-KYC done like this:
From the portal

If you have not done e-KYC yet, then you can get this work done by visiting the official portal of PM Kisan Yojana pmkisan.gov.in. Here you will get the option of e-KYC, click on it, and then by following the further process you can complete this work.

From CSC center
If you do not want to get e-KYC done through the portal, then you can also go to your nearest CSC center and get this work done. Here e-KYC is done based on your biometrics.

From the bank
There is another way to get e-KYC done and that is by going to the bank and you can get this work done. Here you have to fill out the e-KYC form, along with a copy of Aadhaar card and then biometrics. After this, if everything is found correct, your e-KYC is done.

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