Pigeon Nest: Nature and animals have special importance in Hinduism. Birds and animals have a special relation with the planet. This is the reason why they are counted in the realm of auspicious and inauspicious. Where some living beings are considered to be auspicious or to come to their house, on the other hand, some living beings are also considered inauspicious. Talking about pigeon, it is kept in the category of auspicious birds. It is said that misfortune turns into good fortune as soon as pigeons enter the house. Therefore, it is advised that their nest should never be destroyed. These are the signs to look out for when pigeons start nesting in your house.

Dove gives this auspicious sign
Many times pigeons make a nest on the balcony, terrace or AC of the house. Making a pigeon's nest is considered auspicious in Shakun Shastra. It is believed that when a pigeon enters the house, it brings happiness and prosperity to the family. With the arrival of the pigeon, the misfortune of the house turns into good fortune.

What does the horoscope say
The signs related to animals and birds have been explained in detail in Shakun Shastra. It is believed in Shakun Shastra that if pigeons start nesting in your house, it means that money will come to you soon.

Do not remove the pigeon's nest
Pigeon is believed to bring happiness and prosperity with it. That's why pigeon's nest should never be removed. Pigeon is considered very auspicious, so pigeon should be fed daily. By doing this planetary defects are removed.
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