In this winter season, many people shy away from bathing and instead, they use deodorants and perfumes to smell good. Today's young people prefer to bathe with perfume even after taking a bath. There is no doubt that deodorant makes us smell good by removing the smell of sweat. But, it is also true that this perfume can also be harmful to you. Yes, the habit of applying perfume can be dangerous for both health and skin. Today we are going to tell you how deodorant is harming you. So it is wise to use it with restraint. Let us know about the damage caused by its excessive use.

Absorbs the moisture of the skin
The alcohol present in most perfumes absorbs the moisture of the skin, due to which many types of skin-related problems can arise. In these, neurotoxin also works to affect the nervous system. That's why they should not be used much.

Harmful for asthma patients
Do you know that deodorant should not be used at all by those who have respiratory problems such as asthma patients? If a member of someone's family has asthma, do not apply deodorant even by mistake while standing around him.

Could be Alzheimer's problem
Such chemicals are found in both deodorants and perfumes, due to which you may have Alzheimer's problem, apart from this, they can also cause respiratory problems. Its aroma is very strong, which can damage the nose. That's why it should not be used more than once.

Cancer problems may increase
An element called paraben is found in both video and perfume, it is a very dangerous chemical, due to which the risk of breast cancer can also increase. Its high amount directly affects the brain, while it can increase the risk of many diseases related to the brain by two times.

Underarms become dark
Many types of chemicals are used to make roll-on deodorants. Due to these chemicals, the skin of the underarms can become dark. Some people (especially women) use roll-on deodorant on their underarms immediately after shaving or waxing. They feel that using roll-on deodorant after waxing and shaving will cool down the skin, but the opposite is true. Using a roll-on after shaving can darken the skin.

There may be scars on the skin
If it is used excessively, then there may be many wounds on the skin, in which sometimes bacteria can also grow. There are some chemicals in it that spoil the skin, due to which you may have to face many serious problems related to the skin.

There may be a problem of rashes on the skin.
Daily use of more Dio can cause many serious skin problems, it contains a chemical called Propylene Glycol, which can cause skin rashes, while it contains a neurotoxin chemical that can harm the kidneys and liver. Makes a serious impact.