Parenting Tips: Parent-child relationship is very important in life. Parents are not only the first teachers of the child but also their first friends. However, sometimes due to some circumstances, distance starts coming in this relationship. Due to some mistakes in this very loving relationship, cracks start coming. This distance that comes between parents and children has a deep impact on the child's mind and its development. In such a situation, it is very important to find out these distances in your relationship and fix them as soon as possible. If you are also facing such problems in your relationship, then we will tell you about the reason which is causing distance in your relationship.

Almost every parent has a habit of doing this. We all know that just as all five fingers of the hand are not the same, children are also not the same. Every child is different in itself. Comparing your child with such a sibling or any other child can sour your relationship. So you must never compare your child with anyone else under any circumstances.

Scolding instead of teaching
Children are pure and innocent of mind. He often commits many mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. In such a situation, parents start scolding or shouting at them because of their mistakes. Because of this habit of yours, the child will start getting scared of you and because of this fear, he will hesitate to say anything to you, due to which distance will start coming in your relationship. That's why it is very important that instead of scolding children, try to explain or teach them.

Don't give time
This problem is seen in almost every relationship these days. As a parent, you must spend enough time with your child. Talk to them and try to know about them. But if you are not paying attention to anything other than your work, it will prove harmful to your relationship with your child. Actually, due to not giving time to the child, your children start getting away from you.

To control more
Most parents believe that they need strict discipline and more control to raise their children properly. But doing so will also be harmful to your relationship. Having too much control over the kids for different things can bring tension in your relationship. Your excessive control will start binding the child, due to which he will move away from you.

Putting pressure on the child to always win
For some time, competition has increased in every field. In such a situation, in the desire to keep their children at the forefront, most the parents start putting pressure on them to win and move forward. In this desire to move forward, parents often do not teach their children to deal with failure, due to which many times they start struggling with mental problems and gradually due to this pressure from you, they start moving away from you.