Parents play an important role in developing good qualities of the child. To improve the future of children, parents encourage them to study. We try to send children to good schools and provide coaching and all other necessary things for them so that the child can study diligently and complete his education. However, the child's mind is more interested in sports than studies.

Many children do not feel like studying. Many times, they sit down to study at the insistence of their parents but they do not concentrate on their studies. Many times parents put pressure on children by scolding them. However, scolding or forcibly teaching does not increase the child's interest in studies. Let us know that if your child also shies away from studies, then what to do so that his mind starts concentrating on studies.

Children expect appreciation from their parents. To hear praise from you, he may try to concentrate on his studies. However, parents often lower their morale by comparison. Do not do this, praise the child all the time instead of finding faults and comparing them with others. He will be encouraged by praise and will be interested in his work.

Don't apply pressure
There is a difference between convincing children to do something and pressurizing them. Encourage them to study. Putting pressure on students all the time to study starts hurting them. Because of this, studies seem like a burden to the child. Therefore, do not put excessive pressure on them, try to explain the difficult things about studies to children while laughing and playing.

Create a routine
Plan a good routine for the child. With planning, the child can be encouraged to study. Make a timetable chart for studying every day and make it a part of daily work. Keep in mind that you should not study for more than 45 minutes.

Yoga and meditation
Make children practice yoga to increase their concentration. This has a positive effect on the brain and the child's mind does not deviate from studies. Along with yoga, a good diet also makes the child focused.

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