Eating late at night has become a common thing in today's busy life. But do you know that dinner can affect your health as well as your weight? Yes, some habits during dinner can unknowingly cause you to gain weight. So let's know about 5 such mistakes, by correcting which you can maintain a healthy weight.

Mistake 1- Some people have a habit of drinking coffee immediately after dinner. But do you know that this can increase your weight. This happens due to the caffeine present in it, which disturbs sleep. And its effect starts showing on your weight due to lack of sleep.

Mistake 2- There is no doubt that drinking green tea is good for health. But if you are consuming it after dinner, then it can prove harmful for you. The first evidence of this will be an increase in your weight. Because it prevents the digestive system from absorbing essential nutrients.

Mistake 3- Drinking water is not a bad habit, but consuming it immediately after dinner can be dangerous for your body. According to Ayurveda, one should not drink water between meals and for a certain period after eating, this can disturb the digestive process. Therefore, one should wait for at least 30 minutes to drink water after eating.

Mistake 4- Most people make this mistake after dinner. They lie down on the bed immediately after finishing dinner. It is necessary to walk for 10-15 minutes for proper digestion of food. Otherwise, due to poor digestion, there may be a problem of bulging belly and weight gain.

Mistake 5- The custom of eating sweets after meals has been going on in Indian homes for years. It is believed that it makes you feel satisfied. But in reality, when you eat sweets after dinner, due to less physical activity during the night, it increases the sugar level in the body, which is related to weight gain.

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