Just as having a son is considered necessary for every home, in the same way, it is very important to have a daughter in every home for the upliftment of society and the nation. When a girl is born, she fulfills the responsibilities of her home as well as her in-laws very well. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of a girl to take care of the family and to take the next generation of the family forward.

There was a time when people considered daughters a burden and they were killed as soon as they were born, but today's times have changed. Now people not only educate the girls in their house but also make every effort to make them self-reliant. In today's time, girls are making a name for themselves and their families by walking on the path of heights.

Many organizations are currently working to further improve the condition of girls. National Girl Child Day is celebrated to protect daughters from crimes against them and make them aware of the challenges faced by them and the protection of their rights. Every year this day is celebrated on 24th January. If you also have a daughter in your house, then you must take some initiative to make her self-reliant.

Teach self-defense skills
In today's time, when girls are going to school, college, and office alone, they must know self-defense because no one needs to be present with them all the time. In such a situation, teach self-defense skills to the girl in your house right from childhood, so that she can defend herself in times of danger.

Increase their confidence
You must have often seen that many girls, despite being educated, are afraid to express their views in front of people. They think people will make fun of them. This happens when someone lacks confidence. If your daughter is also afraid to say or do something, then definitely increase her confidence. Advise them to do their work on their own.

Let them decide
Most of the girls' every small and big decision, starting from their education, is taken by the elders or men in their house, whereas this should not be the case. Everyone has the right to make decisions related to themselves. Motivate your daughter to make decisions. Support them while making decisions. If they have any doubt then make them sit comfortably and explain it to them.

Don't interrupt too much
Excessive restriction may destroy your daughter's self-confidence. In such a situation, explain to them what is good and what is wrong, but do not interrupt too much. It is not right to impose restrictions on any girl to any extent. Due to this, she gets imprisoned.

Make self-reliant
In today's time, just as boys must do jobs, in the same way, girls should also be made self-reliant. The point here is not just to become financially independent, you can teach them to drive so that they can take up household work as well as outside responsibilities without any fear. Along with this, also encourage them for jobs.

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