To make the nails look beautiful, it is necessary to apply the nail paint properly, in the same way, it is equally important to remove the nail paint properly. However, many times it is seen that after removing the nail paint, stains remain on it. Especially, if the color of your nail paint is very deep, then the chances of getting stains on the nails increases to a great extent.

One such nail paint color is red. Many shades of red are available in the market for nail paints, which are also very dark, and hence it is not possible to remove them properly with the help of nail paint remover alone. If you also like to apply red nail paint and you have a problem with stains while removing it, then now you do not have to worry. Today in this article, we are telling you about some easy tips while removing red nail paint, which will help in making your nails stain-free-

Use nail paint remover

The very first step to remove red nail paint is to take nail paint remover in a cotton ball or take nail paint removing the pad and remove the nail paint by lightly rubbing your nails. With this, you will be able to remove maximum nail paint very easily.

Get help with brushing

If your fingers are stained after removing the nail polish, take a nail brush and apply nail polish remover to it. Next, brush your nails and hands until the color or stain disappears. The brush will also help in removing the nail polish stuck next to the cuticles. Scrub your hands and feet once the stain is gone and wash them thoroughly.

Use toothpaste

With the help of toothpaste, you may have been eliminating the germs from your teeth till now, but toothpaste can also help to clean nail polish stains easily and fast. For this, you put toothpaste on an old toothbrush or nail brush. After this, you remove the nail paint stains from your nails and skin. Now clean your hands and feet and lastly, don't forget to moisturize your skin well, as the acetone and toothpaste in nail paint remover can make your hands very dry.

Other Important Tips

If you want that there is no harm to your nails and the skin around them, then in such a situation, you should apply a better quality red nail paint of any brand on the nails. Usually, local red nail paints are available in the market at very low prices, but the chemicals present in them not only stain your nails but can also damage them.

  • At the same time, when you are removing nail paint, try that your nail paint remover is acetone-free. Although acetone helps to remove nail paint, it also has the opposite effect on the nails.
  • Do not reapply nail paint for a few days after you have removed the nail paint so that your nails have a chance to breathe and heal.
  • When you remove the nail paint completely, take care of your nails and hands properly, so that your hands look very beautiful even without applying nail paint.

Image Credit- freepik