Whenever it comes to female pleasure, people mostly start talking like they don't know anything about it and it is wrong to talk about it. It is not that no one talks about sexual education in India, but still, there is a lack of awareness. Intimacy, sex, pleasure and reproduction are not talked about much. If this kind of thing is discussed within the family, it may lead to disputes.

Talking about intimacy, people do not understand the difference between intimacy and intercourse or sex. In an Instagram Live, sexuality educator ApurupaVatsalya explained some of the myths related to intimacy. She talked about how people don't talk about their wants and needs.

Today we are going to tell you about some such things.

Myth: Sexual pleasure is limited to intercourse only

The first myth that people believe is that penetration and orgasm are very important for sexual pleasure. According to Apurupa, sexual pleasure means complete physical and mental experience. Intimacy means that you are enhancing your experience. According to Apurupa, this is like winning the lottery. The total sexual pleasure is worth 100 crores, so intercourse and penetration will be only one-tenth of it.

Talking about intimacy and emotional connection will also be better. Physical connection is important, but the need for emotional connection also increases. If you are talking about the entire experience, then you need to enjoy it also.

Myth: Self-pleasure or masturbation is cheating

According to Apurupa, people in committed relationships talk about sexual pleasure but consider self-pleasure wrong. Male or female masturbation are tool of pleasure and not anything else. You cannot call this cheating. According to Apurupa, "Whether it is about using sex toys or anything else, self-pleasure cannot be wrong. It can enhance your sexual experience, it would be wrong to see it as a competition."

Not only this, according to some people, self-pleasure can improve your relationship. According to Apurupa, there can be two types of desires regarding sexuality, desires born based on instant or reaction. Instant desire can happen through a movie or an act, but reactive desire takes time and requires your partner's cooperation.

Myth: Sexual pleasure is not available after a certain age

Many times people do not understand what kind of pleasure they want. People of all ages can have some kind of sexual pleasure. It starts from puberty itself. Hormonal changes of teenagers affect their body and their sexual desires become more intense. However, in the case of children, we must talk about sexual abuse and the questions that arise in their minds.

Giving the example of the film 'Lipstick Under My Burkha', Apurupa said that even older people have the right to explore such things.

Myth: Use of lubricant is not necessary

According to Apurupa, there is no such thing as too much or too little when it comes to lubricants. If you and your partner need it, you will need to use a special lubricant. Lubricants improve penetration and make the overall sexual experience better. This can reduce cuts, burns, peeling and all these problems. However, the use of scented lubricants should be reduced. There is a risk of yeast infection due to these.

Myth: There's only one way to achieve intimacy

Apurupa explained that there can be many ways of physical intimacy. It is not necessary to limit it to any one scope. It's a strange myth that people should seek sexual pleasure in the same way. It is not like that at all. Every couple can do different experiments for themselves.