Multani Mitti: When it comes to skincare, nothing can be better than Multani Mitti in the cheapest and best home remedies. This gives many benefits to hair including the skin. Know about it.

By applying multani mitti to the hair, the blood circulation in the scalp becomes faster. This nourishes the hair and makes the hair strong.

Multani mitti is also very beneficial for oily skin. Its use helps in regulating oil production. Many times the pores of the skin get clogged due to the excessive release of oil from the skin, due to which pimples start coming out. In this case, applying the Multani Mitti face pack can be beneficial for oily skin.

Multani mitti also has antiseptic properties, which prove helpful in treating wounds. Wherever there is injury, apply multani mitti like a paste. You will feel better in no time.

If the hair and scalp are oily, then wash your hair with multani mitti, this will help in reducing the extra oil. It can also reduce the stickiness of the hair.