Due to poor lifestyles and wrong eating habits, people have started falling prey to many serious diseases even at an early age. One of these is also the problem of uric acid.

Do you know about uric acid? If not, then let us tell you that uric acid acts as an antioxidant in the body and protects blood vessels. But, increasing its level can increase the risk of many health problems like gout, kidney stones, joint pain and swelling etc.

Apart from this, increasing uric acid in the body causes problems like diabetes, thyroid and high blood pressure. But you do not need to worry, because, with the help of the right diet, exercise and yoga, the level of uric acid can be reduced.

Today we are telling you about 2 such hand postures, which can help in reducing the level of uric acid by detoxifying the body. Their information has been shared by Yoga and Wellness Coach and Certified Yoga Teacher Sangeeta. Before knowing about mudras, let us know about uric acid.

Uric acid

Uric acid is a chemical that is formed in the blood due to an element called purine in the body. Purines are usually manufactured in the body but also enter the body through food.

Chemicals called purines are toxins of the body, which are removed from the body after being filtered by the kidneys. However, in some cases, its residues remain. Due to this, when the level of uric acid starts increasing in the body and the kidney is also unable to filter it, it breaks down in the form of crystals and gets deposited in the bones.

Apan Mudra

Apana Mudra is a mudra that helps detox the body by removing toxins. By doing this mudra properly and breathing properly, 90 percent of the toxins can be removed from the body.


  • To do this, sit up straight.
  • Taking both hands out, keep them on the thighs.
  • Your hands should be facing upward.
  • Then mix both the middle and ring fingers and touch them with the tip of the thumb.
  • Keep the other two fingers straight.
  • Do this with both hands.
  • You can close your eyes while doing this pose.
  • Breathe slowly and focus on the breath.

Prana mudra

To control uric acid, do Prana Mudra after Apana Mudra. Do regular practice to get good results.


  • To do this, sit with your back straight.
  • Then move both hands forward.
  • Bend the little and ring fingers of both hands and join them with the tip of the thumb.
  • Try to keep the rest of the fingers straight.
  • By doing this 'V' of English becomes.
  • During this, take deep breaths and stay in this posture for 10 minutes.

You can also try these yoga postures to control uric acid.

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