The terror of mosquitoes starts as soon as the summer season starts. The skin of some of us is very sensitive, if we get bitten by a mosquito, then there is a feeling of itching and burning sensation in the skin. Many times a mosquito bite starts feeling like a wound or a wound. If you are very much troubled by itching and irritation, then you can do some easy remedies using kitchen items.

Get relief through these things after a mosquito bite

Honey is a very nutritious food, it is also very beneficial for the skin because it has antiseptic properties. If you apply honey to the mosquito bite, you will get relief soon.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is no less than a medicine for the skin, applying aloe vera gel on the itchy and swollen area gives a feeling of coolness and the burning starts to end.

If the itching and burning sensation do not subside after a mosquito bite, then garlic can be used, because garlic has antiviral properties. Make a paste by grinding it and applying it to the itchy area.

Tulsi Basil
Basil plant is there in most houses in India, its leaves are very humming, and grinding it and applying it to the affected areas gives quick relief.

The skin affected by mosquito bites needs a lot of coolness, for this you rub an ice cube on the skin for a while, this is a very effective way to get relief.