Who does not like the rainy season? It is only because of the rain that one gets relief from the scorching heat. Although the rains bring a lot of relief with them, taking care of the feet becomes extremely important during monsoons. Actually, due to dirt and moisture in this season, the risk of foot infection increases. Damp feet can develop fungal and bacterial infections, which manifest as itching, pain, redness, and swelling.

If attention is not paid to this problem in the beginning itself, then it may increase to a great extent. In such a situation, today we will tell you to take special care of your feet during the monsoon season so that you do not face any kind of problem and your feet remain soft and beautiful even in the rain. You will not have to do much to adopt these methods.

Take care of shoes
To take care of your feet in the rainy season, you have to take special care of footwear. Try to avoid wearing closed-cloth shoes or sandals as they tend to absorb water. This increases the risk of infection.

Keep nails short
Keep your nails short in the rainy season. Large nails can collect dirt, which can increase the risk of infection.

Keep feet clean
Whenever you come from outside, wash your feet and dry them properly. Due to this, dirt will not accumulate on the feet. The accumulated dirt only creates problems.

Stay away from wet shoes
If your shoes are wet, stay away from them. Its use can increase the problem of itching.

Wash feet with salt water
If for some reason your feet have been soaking wet all day, take water in a tub and add two teaspoons of salt to it. Keep your feet in this water for about 20 minutes then wash it with plain water. You will get relief from this.

Wear fitting shoes
In monsoons, water and dirt easily get accumulated in the shoes. This can cause infection. So make sure that you wear good and properly fitting shoes for your feet that will keep the water out.

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