If your relationship is fixed and the date of engagement or marriage is being fixed, then there are some things which are very important to be done before marriage. Marriage is a very important step in life. One should make a thoughtful decision to enter into this relationship. Choosing the wrong partner in a hurry spoils both the relationship and life.

Often in arranged marriages, which are done as per the wishes of the parents, the couple does not know each other beforehand. After marriage, when two strangers live life together, they have to face many problems. Often during this time, they feel that they are an unmatched pair. One should understand before marriage whether the couple is made for each other. Therefore, every couple must do some things before getting married, so that they do not regret it later.

Before engagement and marriage, one must communicate with his/her future spouse. Talk to each other openly and get answers to the questions and worries that arise in your mind.

Prepare for the wedding together

Marriage is a big opportunity for both you and your partner. Everyone is excited about their wedding. Prepare for the wedding together. Do the wedding shopping together. This is also a good opportunity to know each other's preferences.


Make future plans with the person with whom you are going to spend your life after marriage. Make a consensus on future plans related to whether to work or not after marriage, where to live, foreign travel, or expanding the family.

Increase trust

Relationships are based on trust. Before marriage, you have time to strengthen your relationship, for this, start trusting each other before marriage itself. Give time to each other and try to understand, so that you learn to trust.