Burhanpur's Rumali Manda Roti becoming popular among tourists

Manda roti found in Burhanpur city of Madhya Pradesh has become famous all over the world today. People from India and abroad come to this city not only to taste it but also to see the method of making it. So let's know the history of this special rota-

Manda Roti History: The history and tourism of Madhya Pradesh, which is called the heart of India, is very famous not only in the country but also abroad. This is the reason why people from all over the world come here to roam. The food of this state full of religious and historical places is also famous all over the world. One of these famous dishes of Madhya Pradesh is Rumali Manda Roti of Burhanpur. This special variety of roti is becoming very popular among people these days. Burhanpur in Manda Roti has given a different identity not only in the country but also abroad. Due to its increasing popularity, now people have started arriving at the shops to see the method of making it. So let's talk today about this unique type of bread and its history-

Started during Mughal rule

We all must have eaten rumali roti in hotels. Manda roti of Burhanpur is very similar to the Rumali roti. However, unlike the common rumali roti, it has a completely different weight, shape, and method of preparation. Talking about its history, according to historian Hoshang Havaldar, Manda roti was started during the Mughal reign. When the Mughal rule came in 1601, they made Burhanpur their army cantonment. Because of this, Mughal soldiers from all over the country used to come to Burhanpur. During this time it was becoming difficult to cook more food in less time. In such a situation, the local artisans suggested Manda Roti to the Mughal rulers to cook more food in less time.

Now bread is 250 grams

During that time one Manda roti used to weigh about 500 grams. But with the changing times, the size and weight of this roti also changed. At present, this bread is available weighing about 250 grams. However, even after this, Manda Roti is counted among the largest and tastiest bread in the world. This is the reason why this bread is used on every special occasion in Burhanpur. But for some time there has been a decrease in the number of artisans making it. It takes a lot of hard work to make Manda Roti, due to which the artisans of the new generation are not taking much interest in it.

Artisans are found only in Burhanpur

Historian Mohammad Naushad says that earlier the dough for Manda Roti was kneaded by hand. But at the present mixer is also being used to mix its flour. On the other hand, if the artisans who make Manda are to be believed, the artisans who make Manda roti are found only in Burhanpur. Due to the increasing demand for this roti across the world, artisans from Burhanpur now go to Arab countries, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc. Not only this, but artisans also go to different states of the country like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat on special demand. Apart from this, in some states like Maharashtra and Gujarat, many artisans making Manda roti have shifted permanently.

Tourists go to see the recipe for roti

On the other hand, according to the experts associated with the hotel industry and tourism, the trend of this roti has increased so much among people that they not only eat it but even go to the shop to see the method of making it. Tourists coming to Burhanpur from India and abroad, along with tasting Manda Rota, also reach the shop to see how it is made. It is very special for people to see it being made. Not only this but seeing it being made, people become so crazy about it that they buy Manda roti and enjoy its taste.