Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is a fitness freak. She has been seen on many occasions talking about the benefits of doing yoga regularly. Malaika rarely misses going to the yoga studio on any given day. She believes in regularly devoting her focus and hard work to her fitness routine. Malaika can often be seen getting paparazzi photographed in front of her yoga studio. Yoga trainer Sarvesh Shashi is currently training Malaika in her studio Diva Yoga.

Malaika's Instagram page is full of videos of yoga done by her. The actress starts her day with yoga regularly. She also shares the steps and benefits of doing yoga on her Instagram profile. On Monday, the official Instagram profile of Diva Yoga shared a video of Malaika busy with an intense routine. In the video, Malaika can be seen starting the routine with Bakasana, and then slowly progressing to Shirshasana (headstand).

Thereafter, she can be seen descending rapidly and striking the cobra pose before completing the routine with Balasana. Diva Yoga gave the caption with the video – Sometimes we forget it. Little progress is better than no progress. If you haven't achieved your fitness or any other goal in the last month, remember that you are making progress. Even if it doesn't feel that way now, trust me it will eventually show in your practice. Till then keep patience with yourself. Come to practice on the mat every day.

The routine followed by Malaika Arora comes with several health benefits. Bakasana helps target the core muscles and strengthen the arms and shoulders. Shirshasana helps strengthen the abdominal organs, and core muscles and relaxes the mind. On the other hand, the cobra pose stimulates the digestive organs and enhances digestion. It also helps in reducing back pain and improving circulation throughout the body. Balasana helps in inducing better sleep and relaxing the back and spine.

Health Benefits of Shirshasana
Headache relief
Less dizziness
Improve blood flow
Remove hair problem
Relief from stress and anxiety
Strengthens the shoulders, neck, abdomen, and spine