To fulfill the desire for an attractive look, women like to take the help of makeup. Makeup is an art, if done properly, the complexion of the face changes. Women bring many beauty products for makeup. But you need to understand that the brushes that apply them are much more important than the place these products hold in makeup. One technique is to use a makeup brush. Everyone learns to use one or two makeup brushes, but if you know how to use each brush, then you can do the perfect makeup. Today, in this episode, we are going to give you information about some such brushes, by including them in your makeup tools, you can make your face glow like the moon. Let's know about these brushes...

Foundation brush
A foundation brush is a brush for applying foundation. The primary function of this brush is to apply the foundation properly on your face. Choosing the wrong brush can make your makeup look cakey. Using a good quality brush makes a big difference to the face. With this, the foundation blends well on your face and gives full coverage.

Concealer brush
As the name suggests, this brush is used to apply concealer. It's a thin, flat brush designed to deliver even coverage where it matters most, like dark spots, blemishes, and dark circles.

Powder brush
After applying the base on the face, it is necessary to set the makeup. For setting makeup, you use loose powder, which you apply with a powder brush. These brushes are fluffy and made in a domed shape, which applies the product evenly across the face. While using a powder brush, note that it should be pressed very lightly. The access product should be removed from the face with the help of a brush.

Kabuki brush
This is a large, wide brush that is used to softly spread bronzer, powder, or other dry products on the face. Apart from this, by turning it on the face with light hands, harsh makeup lines also go away.

Contour brush
Applying a makeup base makes the face look plain, so contouring is necessary to shape the face. For this, you need a good brush. Although people do contouring with a common brush, to give a naturally sculpted look to the face, it is necessary to use a special contouring brush. It is similar to a blush brush but has angled and dense bristles for a precise contouring application on the face. Many people apply contouring to give a sharp shape to their facial temples, nose, and jawline.

Fan brush
It is flat and spread brush, which looks like a Chinese fan. This brush is used to clean the extra product from the face or the eye-shadow spread under the eyes. Apart from this, it is also useful for applying highlighter and bronzer on the cheeks.

Blush brush
Pink chicks are in big trend these days. Applying blush gives a different and beautiful glow to the face. Like all brushes for applying makeup products, there is also a brush for applying blush. However, people apply blush with many other brushes. These are not angled like angled brushes, yes they are more round in shape and they are better for good pigmentation. Its bristles are designed in such a way that they blend well on the lines without being harsh.

Brow brush and comb
This type of brush is great for taming unruly brows and filling in gaps. It has a small brush on one side and a small comb on the other, both of which also help remove excess product from the eyebrows. Sometimes it also has a spool on one side which is used to define the eyebrows.