We all like to do makeup and for this, we try new makeup looks every day with the help of the internet. At the same time, many times we and you are seen troubled by the cracking of makeup due to smile lines.

Although the appearance of smile lines on the face and the formation of makeup lines due to it is natural and common, due to this, our makeup look starts to look quite ugly. This is also absolutely true.

Let us tell you that smile lines cannot be removed from the face, but you can avoid them by following some tips. So let's know those amazing tips so that your face looks beautiful and crack-proof after makeup.

It is necessary to set the makeup

Many times we do not set the cream-based products applied on the face with the help of loose powder, due to which the makeup products start collecting very soon and on smiling, they appear as highlights on the face like a line. To set the makeup, you should also use a setting spray in the end so that your makeup does not get smudged.

Make a minimum layer of product

While doing makeup, you have to keep in mind that you should make at least a layer of the product so that your makeup does not become one on top of the other like layers on the face. This is because if you keep layering, the product will not set properly on the face and will leave lines on the face when you smile, due to which the face will look ugly.

Pay special attention to blending

At the same time, due to haste, we and you do not blend the makeup properly, due to which the cream product does not set properly on the face and the face starts looking strange instead of looking beautiful. Please tell that to blend the cream makeup product on the face; you should take the help of a beauty blender. Before using the beauty blender, you should dab it properly with the help of water.


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