Every woman likes to do makeup which helps in beautifying their appearance. But for this, you must include some essential things in the makeup. One such is the blush which is an important part of makeup. Whether you apply it on top of makeup or just after applying a skincare base, apply it on the cheeks or the cheekbones, as soon as it is added, your face gets a different glow and facial glow increases. It gives a refreshing look, but it is good on your skin only if you use it in the right way. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you which blush will be better for which type of skin and what is the right way to apply it. Let's know about them...

Fair skin tone
Along with making the face attractive, the blusher also works to highlight the cheekbone. Blushers should always be chosen according to skin tone. This makes makeup look perfect. For example, people with fair or pale skin should choose a light pink or peach color. The pink color will give a natural look to the makeup. Although fair complexioned people can choose any light color the choice of dress and lipstick color can give an attractive look to their makeup.

Medium skin tone
The great thing about women with medium skin tones is that you can use so many shades to achieve different looks. Pink or peach color gives a natural look to your skin, whereas if you want to create a bold look, then you can choose the mauve shade. In this way, you can experiment with different colors to create different looks in your makeup.

Dark skin tone
Women with dark skin tones are quite confused about makeup and blush. Women of dark skin tone should choose such shades which can enhance their complexion and not make it look dull and suppressed. Dark-skinned people should choose bold colors. These colors give a perfect look with warm undertones. Orange color can also be chosen to enhance the cheeks.

The correct way to apply blush
Blush should be applied after preparing the base of the foundation. A good blending brush is a must-have for blush. Take a blusher on a brush and dab it on your hand before applying it on the cheeks and then apply it on the cheeks. This will keep the accessorized blush on the hands and blending on the cheeks easier. After applying the blusher, do not forget to blend it well with a brush. Always apply blusher from ear to cheek. Blend it down towards the ear, starting below the cheekbones.

Keep these things in mind while applying blusher
Do not use blusher too much or too deep. Blush is only meant to highlight your cheeks. If it is applied in excess, it can spoil the makeup. Always move the blusher from ear to nose. It should be applied from the cheekbones downwards near the cheeks. A good brush is a must to apply and blend it.

Apply these things to Bashar
Don't think that your makeup is complete by applying a blusher. Make sure to use the highlighter on the upper side near the cheekbones along with the blusher. If this is not done then your face will look flat. Highlighter enhances and shapes those parts of your face so that your makeup does not overpower the face. Your makeup is complete only after applying a highlighter near the upper part of the cheekbone, forehead, nose, and chin.