A diet rich in nutrients is required for all the body parts to function optimally. In the discussion of nutrients, the needs for protein, iron, and some types of vitamins are most talked about. But do you know that potassium and magnesium are also equally important for our health? In this article, we are talking about the need for magnesium and its health benefits.

Magnesium is an essential mineral needed for healthy muscles and nerves, strong bones, and controlling blood sugar levels. If you don't get enough magnesium from your diet over a long period, it can increase your risk of health problems like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Why is magnesium important for the body?
Getting magnesium through diet is considered essential to keep the body healthy. These nutrients are very important to maintain both mental and physical health. Magnesium helps control sugar levels and is also considered to play a role in strengthening bones.

This nutrient is also beneficial in maintaining mental health, reducing stress, and improving symptoms of anxiety and depression. It also has benefits for improving blood pressure and sleep.

This mineral is important for diabetes patients
Magnesium is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and insulin secretion, which is why it is considered essential for diabetic patients. A review of studies found that magnesium supplements may help reduce fasting blood sugar levels. There is evidence of improvement in insulin sensitivity with magnesium supplements compared to placebo.

Beneficial in reducing mental health disorders
Magnesium plays an important role in your body's stress response. If you are not taking enough magnesium, you may have stress problems. Research shows that people who are often stressed have lower levels of magnesium in their blood. Magnesium supplements are recommended to improve symptoms of health problems such as anxiety and depression.

How to get these minerals from your diet?
Dieticians say the daily requirements of magnesium can be easily met. This nutrient can be supplied by dark chocolate, avocado, dry fruits, tofu, seeds and whole grains. Magnesium can also be obtained by consuming pumpkin seeds, almonds, and cashew nuts. Consuming a handful of nuts daily is beneficial for you in keeping your body healthy and supplying nutrients.

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