Luxury Trains in India: The months of February and March are perfect for visiting. The weather is very pleasant in both of these months. For this, people plan to roam in February and March. If you too are thinking of traveling to India in the coming days and want to do this journey in royal style, then you can choose 5 luxury trains. Come, let's know about the luxury train-

Palace on wheels
Palace on wheels is counted in luxury trains. This train started in the year 1982. This train has been in service since that time. In 2009, special changes were made to the service and convenience of Palace on Wheels. In 2010, Palace on Wheels was ranked fourth in the list of most comfortable trains. This train is famous worldwide for its convenience and service. The train has 14 coaches. Their names are named on the princely states. The journey fee for this train is 5 lakh to 10 lakhs. It goes from Delhi to Rajasthan. During this time the train stops at the main places.

Maharajas' Express
If you want to travel to the rail in a royal style, then definitely travel by Maharaja Express. In this, many world-class facilities are provided including WiFi, Live TV, Mini Bar, Air Conditioning Shahi Food. The fare of this train also starts from 5 lakhs to 20 lakh rupees. This train goes from Delhi to Agra.

The royal orient
If you want to stay on a royal ride by staying on a budget, then Royal Orient is a perfect train. The fare of this train is only between 1 lakh and one and a half lakhs. The train was run for Rajput princely states. The Royal Orient goes from Delhi to Ahmedabad. Other world-class facilities including food and drink are provided in it.

The Golden Chariot
Golden Chariot is known as the pride of Karnataka. State-of-the-art facilities are provided on this train. Golden Chariot is named after the famous Vitthal temple in Hampi. It has 19 coaches. At the same time, the train has world-class restaurants and bars. Apart from this, the train also has a gym and spa center. It goes from Karnataka to Goa. Train fare ranges from 3 lahks to 6 lakh rupees.

The Deccan odyssey
Apart from these trains, you can visit India in the royal style in The Deccan Odyssey. The beauty of its train is worth seeing. Furniture work is done inside the train. Train fare ranges from 5 lahks to 12 rupees. With this train, you can visit Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.