What is Toxic Relationship? No relationship is perfect. Both of them have to make that relationship beautiful only by taking care of each other. It is very common to have ups and downs in relationships. Even if any discord has arisen, it gets resolved with the efforts of one partner and only then can a relationship continue well. Yes, but it is very important to keep in mind that the efforts are not being made by only one partner every time. In such a situation, the relationship begins to suffocate and if this happens, it does not take time for the relationship to become toxic.

Living in a toxic relationship is no less than a challenge. Solving this is a very difficult task, yes but not completely impossible. First of all, it is important to decide whether both the partners are ready to resolve this relationship or not. If either one of them is not ready then it is very difficult for either one to put in a lot of effort. Because if only one partner is making efforts, then even if the relationship improves, it will remain resolved for a very short time or one partner will be exploited a lot.

Toxic relationships are often caused by issues that have never been discussed or resolved. If a couple wants to improve their relationship, they have to understand that this process requires time, patience and dedication. Let us know what you can do to improve toxic relationships-

1- Make efforts to improve: To improve the relationship, it is important for both the partners to show love for each other. In such a situation, misunderstandings should be removed by talking openly and a new beginning should be made. What is even more important is that it is important to forget the things that have caused toxicity in the relationship.

2- Take responsibility for your mistakes: It is important that both partners accept the mistakes that have damaged the relationship. Accepting your mistakes helps in improving the relationship.

3- Get out of the blame game: If you want to move the relationship forward, instead of blaming each other, try to understand what happened. Understanding each other strengthens the relationship.

4- Forget the past: If you keep talking about past mistakes all the time, it will be difficult to improve relationships. Forget the past and focus on the future.

5- Be kind to your partner: If you ever feel that you are blaming your partner for any problem, stop and think. It is possible that your partner is struggling with some other problem, which is affecting your relationship.

6- Give each other time: It takes time to repair a toxic relationship. This may also take several months. So be patient and work hard together.

7- Take help of couple therapy: Taking couple therapy can be beneficial to improve the relationship.

Fixing a toxic relationship is difficult, but it is not impossible. The relationship can be saved by efforts from both sides. Make sure that both the partners are trying together to improve the relationship. Yes, but the relationship has become so toxic that both the partners have started hating each other, so it is very difficult to improve that relationship.

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