A shocking case related to the birth of twins has come to light. When a 19-year-old Brazilian girl gave birth to twin boys, she could not believe the father of those children. The biological father of both children was different. According to the experts, it is very rare. This happens only with one mother out of crores.

This girl, a resident of Minerios, Brazil, had done a paternity test. He wanted to know who is the father of these children. The girl got the DNA test done on the man whom she was thinking would be the father of her children. After conducting the test, the shocking result has come to the fore. The DNA test result of one of the two children came negative.

After thinking a little, the girl remembered that she had had sex with two different men on the same night. After this he got the paternity test done for the other person as well. Then it came to know that the father of the second child is the person with whom the girl had a second relationship.

This happens due to heteropaternal superfecundation, it is a biological phenomenon. Archer had first told about this phenomenon in 1810. He had also told that it is rare in humans, but common in animals like dogs, cats, and cows.