Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, hot parathas taste delicious on every occasion. Parathas taste delicious with anything from gravy to dry vegetables. Most people like Paratha. Made like paratha. But when there are many layers in paratha, its taste doubles. Lachcha Paratha changes the taste of food but generally, people are not able to make Paratha with many layers at home. You can also call it Lachha Paratha. The more layers there are in paratha, the better it tastes. You spend money to eat Lachcha Paratha from the market but we are going to tell you the recipe to make 7 layer paratha. There are some easy tips and tricks to make Lachha Paratha, by following which you can make perfect Paratha in minutes. Read the tips and tricks for making multi-layered paratha in the next slide.

Ingredients for making Lachha Paratha
One bowl of wheat flour, one bowl of all-purpose flour, 2-3 tbsp ghee, salt, red chili powder as required, and celery as required.

How to make Lachha Paratha
Step 1- Mix wheat flour, all-purpose flour, and water and knead the dough. While kneading the dough, add some oil or ghee to it.
Step 2- Cover the dough and keep it aside for 15 minutes.
Step 3- Now roll a big ball of dough. Cut 7 thin layers from this dough.
Step 4- Then apply oil and dry flour on these seven layers and keep placing them one above the other.
Step 5- Fold all seven layers one above the other and make a ball.
Step 6- Roll this dough gently. Slowly give the shape of a paratha.
Step 7- Now heat a griddle on the gas and place the rolled paratha on it.
Step 8- Bake the paratha on one side, when it turns light brown, turn it over and apply ghee. Till then cook the other side also.
Step 9- Apply ghee on the other side bake it well and serve hot paratha.

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