Dandruff Problem: Dandruff, or dandruff, is a problem that worries most people. Due to dandruff, sometimes it becomes difficult for you to move out. To get rid of it, you would adopt all the methods, but many times this problem is not cured or it comes back again and again. Know why the problem of dandruff occurs and how you can get rid of it-

Dandruff is caused by fungusDandruff is mainly caused by the fungus Malassezia globosa. This fungus absorbs the oil of our skin and our hair. It produces oleic acid, which can cause itching of the skin. It also inhibits the immune response, due to which the dry layers on the scalp start falling off.

Dandruff is also caused due to stressDandruff problems can also be due to stress. Dandruff problem increases in cold weather, so take special care of hair in this season. Due to oily hair, the scalp becomes sticky due to which dirt accumulates in the hair. Eating too much-fried food also brings oil to the hair of the head, which causes dandruff. Dandruff is also a problem due to the thyroid. Thyroid causes dry scalp and hair breakage and fall.

oil is good or notAir pollution makes the problem of dandruff worse. Although the UV rays of the sun can help control this condition. In such a situation, it is not good at all to apply oil to the scalp to get rid of dandruff. This will make the hair more sticky. On the other hand, the fungus present in the hair absorbs the natural oil, this can increase the problem of dandruff.

dryness in scalpDue to the problem of dandruff, dryness is felt in the scalp and there may be a problem of itching. If the problem of dandruff is very high, then use anti-dandruff shampoo for about a month.

Use anti-fungal shampooAnti-fungal shampoo can be used. However, its effect does not last after some time. Keep applying it again and again at fixed intervals. Zinc Pyrithione, Salicylic Acid, Selenium Sulfide, Ketoconazole, Coal Tar Shampoo can be used.