Kiss Day 2023 Quotes: Every gesture of expressing love may be old but words never beat. If you are missing somewhere in requesting a kiss, a kiss and loving moments in front of your partner, then send a message to them without delay. What can be a better medium than words to share the feelings that one hesitates to share in love. Then whose request should it be or whom should it be. These words are enough to express every desire. So, send a nice message to your partner without delay and wish them a beautiful kiss day.

Mera Ishq ka fresh fresh afsana bhi hai
There is also a lot of hidden treasure of love in it.
I want to ask you a kiss
today is its beautiful excuse
happy kiss day 2023

It's the season of love, so show some love
If there is love then fill it in your arms today
let's go together, travel the world with me
Today is also a chance to start loving each other.
happy kiss day 2023

I miss you many times
I miss you as soon as I close my eyes
Where is it possible to meet everyday
come to you in thoughts and kiss
happy kiss day 2023

neither you say anything nor we will say anything
You also keep quiet, we will keep quiet
hug each other secretly
then kiss each other sweetly
happy kiss day 2023

Have an evening drowned in the color of love
be the beginning of a new day of love
May your lips meet mine like this
have each other's name on their lips
happy kiss day 2023

Don't know when we will have that laughing night
your eyes and ours will be together
sitting gazing at the night
the limelight of their lips will be with us
happy kiss day 2023