How to Make Jaggery Mehndi: The consumption of jaggery is very common in winter. At the same time, eating jaggery is also very beneficial for health. But have you ever tried jaggery mehendi? Yes, if you want the color of mehndi to last for a long time, then applying jaggery mehndi on your hands can prove to be a perfect option. In such a situation, you can prepare jaggery mehndi at home in some easy ways.

Most people use chemical-based cones available in the market to apply henna on their hands. Because of this, the mehndi gets thick. But within a few days, the color of the mehndi starts to fade. At the same time, there is also a fear of chemical side effects on the skin of the hands. In this case, you can try natural mehandi made from jaggery. So let's know about the method of making jaggery mehndi at home.

Jaggery mehndi ingredients
To make jaggery henna, take 100 grams of jaggery. Apart from this, keep 2 spoons of henna powder, 1 spoon of kumkum, 30 grams of cloves, 50 grams of sugar, 1 tin box, and 1 ceramic bowl.

Tips for making jaggery mehndi
Before making jaggery mehndi, grind jaggery. Now put jaggery powder in the tin box and make a space in the middle and put cloves in it. After this, place a ceramic bowl over the cloves. At the same time, you can also set the bowl by sticking it with flour, so that the bowl will not move. Now put kumkum in the bowl and keep the tin box on the gas. Keep a vessel filled with water on top of the tin box. After half an hour the steam will turn into water and collect in the bowl. Now remove the water from the bowl and mix the henna powder in it, your jaggery mehndi is ready.

Tips for applying jaggery henna
When jaggery henna becomes thin, you can cook it on gas for some time. On the other hand, to thicken the henna, you can also mix henna powder separately in it.

After this, fill the mehndi in the cone and apply it while making a design on the hands. This will make your mehndi thick and last longer.