We all worry about the future. In such a situation, we all start saving some part of our earnings in the bank to secure our life after retirement. It is noteworthy that the speed at which inflation is increasing. In such a situation, instead of keeping your savings in banks, you should invest it in some good place. So that you continue to get good returns on it over time. You can invest your savings in any mutual fund scheme. The chances of getting returns from here are good. In long term investment, you can collect a big fund through mutual funds. In this series, let us understand the mathematics of investment from where you can collect Rs 5.2 crore by saving only Rs 8,000. Let us know -

First of all, you have to choose a good mutual fund scheme. You can take expert advice to choose a good mutual fund scheme. After selecting the mutual fund scheme, you have to make SIP in it.

After making SIP, you have to invest Rs 8,000 every month for 35 years. While investing, you have to expect that your investment will get an estimated return of 12 percent annually.

In such a situation, you can easily collect Rs 5.2 crore at the time of maturity. This money will help you financially in the future. You will be able to fulfill your important purposes with the help of this money.

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